Brother Rice Players In College

There have been many Brother Rice tennis players who went on to play tennis in college, including:

Jack Winkler, 2017, committed, Michigan State University

Chase Peery, 2015, Aquinas College (

Joe Paradiso, 2015, Mercyhurst University (

John Ciraci, 2015, Hillsdale College (

Gunnar Peery, 2012, Aquinas College (

Mike Korn, 2010, Kalamazoo College

Billy Gardner, 2007, Michigan State University

Patrick Troy, 2006, Grand Valley State Univ./University of Detroit

Matt Christian, 2003, Northwestern University

Kurt Zaske, 2002, Purdue University/Ohio State University

David Lynn, 2001, University of Pennsylvania

Andy Frick, 1993, Villanova University

Tom Herb, 1991, University of North Carolina

Tom Boutros, 1990, Villanova University

Mike Gucciardo, 1990, Purdue University

Dave Piazzon 1989, Hillsdale College

Dave Cosgrove, 1984, Villanova University

Dan Walsh 1984, University of Notre Dame

Mike Parks, 1983, Villanova University

Mike Walsh, 1983, Marquette University

Eric Hofley, 1983, Brown University

David Lord, 1982, Hillsdale College

Mike Harahan, 1980, Villanova University

Blase Keating, 1979, University of Maryland

Tighe Keating, 1975, Michigan State University

Mike Farah, 1975, Albion College

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